Spin & no Place to Hide
3D surround sound concert
Thu, October 09, 2014 7 pm CEST, Concert


lets you experience rotations articulating themselves by variations and constant modifications. An algorithmic process enriched with random processes generating 3D images.
The sound material behaves similar. Music transformations are frequently used since Baroque period, called variations. However, a principle of rotation was not spread before Minimal Music got popular. Today it is an established scheme in the generation of material within an abstract context: in dance, art, music and video. But the synthesis of 3D music and 3D image, both generated algorithmically, is quite rare to find.
  • For: 3D sound and 3D projection
  • Video: Bernd Lintermann
  • Audio: Ludger Brümmer

Excerpts from »No Place to Hide«

»No Place to Hide« is a publication by G. Greenwald which is based on digital documents handed over to journalists and organizations by E. Snowden in 2013.
A dancer interacts through a tracking system with motor-controlled speakers which uses a text-to-speech software to read out excerpts from ASCII documents to the audience. Body as a paradigm for self-conception is opposed to machine.
Who serves whom, who controls who, or do both combine in a hybrid? Or will the two fall apart in fear and destruction?
Spatial audio is explored as a symbol for immersivity and embodiment of media.
  • Choreography: M. Mandras
  • Sound design: Chemo Cœur
  • Concept and realizaion: P. Modler