The propensity for the Gesamtkunstwerk
A starfighter which is hanging from the ceiling in the museum
A theory installation by Jackson Pollock Bar
Wed, October 01, 2014 8 pm CEST, Talk

 A discussion with Joseph Beuys, Bazon Brock, Harald Szeemann, Jobst Siedler and Frei Otto. The reenactment of a television discussion on the occasion of the same named exhibition in Zurich, 1983.

The discussion focuses on the question as to whether the idea of the synthesis of the arts conceals a propensity for totalitarianism, which is then reflected in the Fascist aestheticization of the political sphere. The question culminates in Brock’s accusation that with his concept of the augmented concept of art.

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ZKM | Karlsruhe

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