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Culture 4.0 – Now Loading?

On the digital future foreign cultural policy

Tue, December 09, 2014 10:00 am – 6:00 pm CET

The symposium is dedicated to the diversity of web culture. The focus is on future-oriented formats that are based on participation.

Persons from various disciplines ranging from design through to media art, politics, media studies and culture management studies present their respective approaches. Furthermore, creative artists also have their say and give insights from their everyday lives in the media. They present their Best Practice examples which constitute the net culture. In addition to lectures, there is also space for dialogue. All projects can be tested in front of the ZKM_Media Theater and can be discussed with the speakers. The lectures are held in German and English.

The potential of digital formats for the presentation are outlined in lectures and by way of specific examples: The News Game Project »Refugees« by ARTE for example, makes web users reporters of refugee camps. The platform Creative Applications is a widely distributed network through which artists can exchange information on the subject of digital art. Another forum for digital art to be presented is »NODE – Forum for Digital Arts«. With #myRembrandt Antje Lange shows ways in which the Alte Pinakothek can be successfully presented. In addition, Fabian Schumann, Director of Academic Partnership Department at »iversity«, the German platform for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – presents a new form of teaching. Marcio Bueno presents the educational project »Speaking Exchange«. The project »ArtOnYouScreen (AOYS)« will be presented on the subject of online-museums. The curator of the exhibition »ZKM_Gameplay«, Dr. Stephan Schwingeler, will also discuss the cultural influences and economic power of games.


10 am Welcome
Peter Weibel (ZKM)
Ralf Schneider (CyberForum e.V.)
Andreas Siegel (Federal Foreign Office)
Michael Obert (City Karlsruhe)
Tina Gadow, Moderation
10:25 am–10:45 am Keynote
Frank Tentler: »#MenschOrtWeb – Leben in digitalen Erlebnisräumen« [Life in digital experience spaces]
10:50 am−11:10 am Impuls
Neue Wege in der Kulturvermittlung.« [DIGITAL – CULTURE – POLICY. New ways in cultural exchange]
11:10 am−11:30 am Break
11:30 am−12 pm Round table
Nadia Zaboura and Frank Tentler
12 pm−1:15 pm Best Practice examples (each 10 min)
Fabian Schumann: iversity
​Julia Grosse & Aicha Diallo: Contemporary And
Carolin Clausnitzer: ArtOnYourScreen
​Julia Jochem: AppArtAward
Laure Siegel: ARTE Refugees
Marcio Bueno: Speaking Exchange
1:15 pm−2:15 pm Break
2:15 pm−2:45 pm Keynote
Santiago Siri: »Democracy and The End of the Self«
2:45 pm−4 pm Best Practice examples (each 10 min)
Antje Lange: #myRembrandt
Stephan Schwingeler: ZKM_Gameplay
Alexander Scholz: Creative Applications
Jeanne Vogt: NODE – Forum for Digital Arts
Diane Drubay: We Are Museums
4 pm−4:15 pm Conclusion statements
From 4:15 pm Info points
Exchange between the audience and speakers
to the Best Practice examples
5:30 pm Networking


The Web culture – the culture of the Internet – is our present. It established itself with the development of the World Wide Web at the beginning of the 1990s, and has since spread across the globe. It is in perpetual movement, and each day new symbols and practices emerge. With the Smartphone we are permanently on the move online, whether at home, in front of the computer or when out and about. The Internet has become so much part of our everyday life that it is no longer possible, or rather necessary, to make a clear distinction between online and offline action.

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ZKM | Karlsruhe
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