Installation by Holly Herndon for the ZKM_Sound Dome
Portrait of a woman with long, braided hair
Kunstverein in Hamburg
Wed, August 05, 2015 – Sun, September 13, 2015, Concert
In cooperation with Kampnagel and the Kunstverein in Hamburg, a new piece by composer Holly Herndon will be presented as part of the International Summer Festival. This piece was designed for the loudspeaker system of the ZKM_Sound Dome. As one of the most pioneering electronic musicians of the time, the American expands on current pop music with sample techniques, also incorporating the academic work as a PhD student at the Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics.

Herndon will be presenting her new album »Platform« at the festival and, at the Kunstverein in Hamburg, she will premiere a commissioned piece for the ZKM_Sound Dome. This consists of 25 loudspeakers distributed through the room, which can be played using Zirkonium control software in such a way that the sound itself becomes a vivid spatial experience. Herndon’s compositional principle of sampling her everyday and digital environment and working with radical Design Studio Metahaven, artist Spencer Longo and ASMR artist Claire Tolan will become a unique spatial and auditory experience in the ZKM_Sound Dome.

The installation can be experienced between August 5 and September 13 in the Kunstverein in Hamburg. In addition, on August 22, there will be a Sound Dome concert as part of the International Summer Festival with compositions by Ludger Brümmer, Orestis Karamanlis, Valerio Murat, Marc Richter and Alexander Schubert.
Project team
Marcel Bisevic (initiative)
Holger Stenschke (Sound Mixer), David Luchow (Sound Engineering), Götz Dipper (Music Computer Science), Jochen-Arne Otto (Publications), Luise Wiesenmüller (Organisation)
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