Sonic Emotion
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inSonic 2015
Thu, November 26, 2015 10 am – 1 pm CET, Workshop
The workshop aims at offering participants the possibility to work within the Sonic Emotion Wave 1 environment. The Wave 1 is a 3D sound processor that offers flexible Wave Field Synthesis rendering, including height-rendering support, with a set of tools that enable easy object based content creation. The tools provide advanced 3D sound authoring possibilities including real time manipulation of virtual sound sources, trajectories, LFOs that can either be monitored live or recorded on a timeline using Reaper or Ableton Live.

The participants would be provided with a set of tools, template sessions and an offline headphone version of the Wave 1 rendering prior to the workshop. The workshop will consist of a small lecture followed by hands on sessions with participants who can provide their own individual tracks. Other passive participants are welcome to participate and get hands on experience of the tools.


  • Introduction to tools & technology and let participants play with system (integration with Ableton Live & Reaper)
  • Introduction to new functionality for offline music production using binaural rendering
  • Participants are encouraged to develop their own piece using the system as part of the workshop

Technical requirements

Accompanying program