GLOBALE: Tralala Blip
DJs play music together
Sat, January 30, 2016 8 pm CET, Concert

As part of the GLOBALE, Australian collective »Tralala Blip« is scheduled to present its music for the first time in Germany. The collective sees itself as an »electronic sound art music collective« and focuses on new, experimental forms of musical expression.
Members of the collective are persons with and without mental handicaps. Since 2008, »Tralala Blip« has been meeting for sessions in which its members experiment with diverse digital and analog instruments, midi-controllers and tablets. This contemporary technical set-up enables the member’s direct and spontaneous access to electronic music.

Project team

Brümmer (Institutsleitung), Luise Wiesenmüller (Organisatorische Leitung), Götz Dipper (Musikinformatik/Live-Verräumlichung), Hans Gass (Licht, Veranstaltungstechnik), Sebastian Schottke (Tonmeister/Aufnahmeleitung), Caroline Mössner (Sekretariat), Chikashi Miyama (Softwareentwicklung / Support Zirkonium), Alexander Lunt (Helfer Tontechnik)

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe