GLOBALE: Florian Schroeder – Every Conceivable Possibility but No Choice?
A man in a suit, standing on a stage.
Decisions in the multi-option society
Wed, April 06, 2016 8 pm CEST, Theater
Life in the multi-optional society is often comparable to the experience of an endless forest by night. For such journeys, coaches and advisors floodlight well-trodden motivational paths without even the use of a pocket torch. Florian Schroeder remains firmly rooted on solid ground and shows how the battery can be made to last longer. A lecture guaranteed to make you laugh and to encourage you to further reflection after which you will begin viewing the world with different eyes, and be able to once again make decisions full of enthusiasm.

Florian Schroeder studied philosophy, is award-winning comedian and moderator on small and large stages, and author. As a man of words, he outlines precise images of our time. In his own inimitable way, Schroeder combines razor-sharp comedic observation with the analytical subtlety of the philosopher. With featherweight agility, he thus manages span an arch from Kant to Facebook, from hot chai tea latte up to the Cold War. Whenever the philosopher becomes tiresome, Schroeder becomes hilarious, whenever the comedian becomes flat, he becomes profound.
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ZKM | Karlsruhe