Giga-Hertz Award: Concert by the award-winners
Alexander Schubert
Thu, 24.11.2016, 8 pm CET, Concert

On the first evening of the Giga-Hertz Award Festival, debut performances by prize-winners Lara Morciano (Production Award 2012), Giuliano Obici (Production Award 2014) und Vinyl -terror & -horror (Production Award 2014) and a piece by Alexander Schubert (Production Award 2013) will be performed. In addition, the award-winning pieces from this year’s Production Award-winners will be presented.


Lara Morciano»Philiris« (2016, UA) Philiris (2016) for piano, live electronics and motion capture
Giuliano Obici»Simulacrum Piano« (2016, UA) for piano, live electronics, video and local network, piano: Heloisa Amaral
Vinyl -terror & -horror

»Cough, crash, footstep, shock and drips« (2016, UA) Fixed Media

Alexander Schubert»Mimicry« (2015) Fixed Media