Giga-Hertz Award: Concert by the SWR Experimentalstudio
Red plaque with "Giga-Hertz-Award" in white letters
Fri, November 24, 2017 8 pm CET, Concert

On the second evening of the Giga-Hertz Award Festival, a concert will be given by the SWR Experimentalstudio with soloists from the Ensemble Experimental under the baton of Steven Loy. There will be debut performances by Giga-Hertz prize-winners Lula Romero (Production Prize 2014) and Madjid Tahriri (Advancement Award 2011) and by Kristian Ireland. 



Lula Romero: »Entmündigung« (debut), for 2 sopranos, alto and live electronics

In this piece, the phenomenon of »incapacitation« of the »other« is researched and reflected upon, i.e.: the alienation and removal of voices. In other words, denying the »other« the ability to act as the subject. The relationship between electronics and voices is not a conflicting one here. (Lula Romero)

Madjid Tahriri: »NAVA« (debut), for violoncello and live electronics

In Iranian art music, Morakkabnavazi is modulated horizontally between the different modes, using complex modulation technology. In my piece NAVA (literally sound or melody; a mode of Iranian music), I use this technology to search for new channels away from the traditional modulation patterns, while transferring the Morakkabnavazi into the vertical level at the same time. (Madjid Tahriri)

Kristian Ireland: »The lion's mouth (for secret denunciations)« (debut), for ensemble, vocals and live electronics

The title relates to the boche de leon or the »lion’s mouth« of the old Venetian Republic. This meant the »complaints letterbox«, which was used to collect written notifications and complaints to the Council of Ten (Consejo de i Diexe), a tribunal which was active between the 14th and 18th century. (Kristian Ireland)

Jonathan Harvey: »Ricercare una melodia«, for violoncello and live electronics



Ensemble Experimental

  • Aki Hashimto, soprano
  • Silke Evers, soprano
  • Noa Frenkel, alto
  • Daniela Shemer, violoncello 
  • Maruta Staravoitava, flute
  • Nils Kohler, clarinet
  • Jozsef Bazsinka, tuba 
  • Klara Tomljanovic, guitar
  • Marco Fusi, violin
  • Sophie Wahlmüller, viola 
  • Dario Calderone, double bass

SWR Experimentalstudio

  • Michael Acker, sound directing
  • Lukas Nowok, sound directing
  • Constantin Popp, sound directing
  • Steven Loy, conductor 


Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media