Robert Lippok & Kaan Bulak
Postcard of the event: Kaan Bulak & Robert Lippok: Electronics & Augmented Piano
Electronics & Augmented Piano
Sat, May 12, 2018 8 pm CEST

The German avant-garde visual artist and composer Robert Lippok and the electroacoustic pianist Kaan Bulak meet at ZKM for sessions and end their stay with a concert at the ZKM_Kubus.

Lippok’s imagination runs from inventive rhythms through distorted sounds to glitch-like techno tones and resonates in the Kubus in all three dimensions. Bulak fills this frame created by Lippok harmoniously and tonally with his augmented piano. This concept is a piano which has not forgotten the traditional way of playing but which also has expanded expressive possibilities – acoustic and electronic.

Supporting act: computer musician, improviser, sound designer and composer Korhan Erel
Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media

Supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation as part of the #bebeethoven project.