Right Now, Wrong Then (South Korea, 2015)
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Film Screening
Sat, 09.06.2018, 9.15 pm CEST

As part of the exhibition »DIA-LOGOS. Ramon Llull and the ars combinatoria« the ZKM presents the film »Right Now, Wrong Then« in the Kinemathek Karlsruhe.

How does a romantic encounter, in which everything goes wrong, changes under different circumstances? 

The film director Ham and the artist Yoon meet by chance in a temple and spontaneously spend the day together. In the end, Yoon is sad, Ham extremely irritated. Hong Sang-soo's film »Right Now, Wrong Then« starts again in the middle – and is just a variation of the first part. Right and wrong are actually two oppositional sizes, + and –,  in this film however rather than a and b to read. These are quantities that mark more a difference than moral categories. And as much as each of the two parts stands for itself, a large part of pleasure lies in the tension between repetition, variation and combination – under the quiet control of chance. He wants Yon to come to the screening of Ham's film at the end. 

A film by Hong Song-soo with Jung Jae-young, Kim Min-hee and Youn Yuh-hung, Digital, 121 min. 

Please note: The film will be shown in Korean with German subtitles.

Organization / Institution
Kinehmathek Karlsruhe