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Sat, August 04, 2018 7 pm CEST, Performance

As part of the 20th KAMUNA (Karlsruhe Museum Night) on August 4, so-called »in-situ performances« will take place at three locations in Karlsruhe: ßpace, Halo and the Kaiserstraße pedestrian zone will be connected to the ZKM via an outgoing audio data stream.

In ßpace the artist Lasse-Marc Riek will condense naturalistic field recordings, noise and soundscape recordings into a live collage. Lintu + Røyk perform with modular synthesizers and broadcast live electronica from the artist-run space Halo in the eastern city of Karlsruhe. The members of KITeratur will present their participatory performance »SYNONiMUS« in the pedestrian zone in Kaiserstraße, while the No Input Ensemble will perform in the subspace of the ZKM under the blue cube. At the ZKM, all incoming signals are fanned out like a kaleidoscope and artistically processed in a sound installation by Yannick Hofmann, Marco Kempf, Ben Miller, Sebastian Schottke and Dan Wilcox in the cube, in the cube anteroom and in the underground car park at the ZKM.

»Next City Sounds: Interfaces« is part of the EU project Interfaces (EU funding program »Creative Europe«) and the Karlsruhe Museum Night 2018.
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