Group picture of the band »Aerie«
Sat, October 13, 2018 10 pm CEST

Five extraordinary musicians from different countries join the band »Aerie« led by the Freiburg saxophonist Ingo Hipp.

The group members are Sam Comerford from Ireland and Matt Jacobson on saxophone and drums, David Helm from Germany on bass and the energetic Swiss guitarist Laurent Méteau, in whose free-thinking large formation Metabolism Ingo Hipp also plays. Together »Aerie« create with good taste and a risk-taking spirit their own band sound, which combines classical jazz elements with rocky riffs and free improvised parts. The music of "Aerie" can be described as Jazz-Funk-Rock-Free-Contemporary. Sounds explode, forms are dissolved, bright colors buzz through the room, interspersed with silky melodies and exuberant improvisations.

Translated with

// drums – Matthew Jacobson
// sax – Sam Comerford
// sax/composition – Ingo Hipp
// guitar – Laurent Méteau
// bass – David Helm

Organization / Institution
Jazzclub Karlsruhe