Portrait of the band »HALA«
Sat, October 13, 2018 8 pm CEST, Concert

From tender, velvety melodies to wild and expressive outbursts, the quartet of Groningen-based singer Helene Richter plays its way through the jungle of diverse musical styles: there are no limits to the joy of experimenting and the spirit of enterprise.

The multinational group emerged from the alternative music scene in Groningen in September 2017 and has been dancing around the country ever since. The compositions of the German singer, with her partly naive, partly absurd and abstract lyrics, turn every concert into a fairy-tale hour of a somewhat different kind. Her three companions embed Helene's varied voice and theatrical performance in a constantly changing sound nest: with Dutch audacity on the sousaphone, Italian temperament on the guitar and Serbian power on the drums.

// Vocals - Helene Richter
// Guitar - Sibuleo Sibuleo
// Sousaphone - Arno Bakker
// Drums - Aleksandar Škorić

Organization / Institution
Jazz club Karlsuhe