Blockchain as a Method
Portrait of Kevin Abosch
Artist Talk with Kevin Abosch
Sat, February 23, 2019 6 pm CET, Talk

Kevin Abosch is an Irish conceptual artist known for his work in photography, sculpture, installation, film and blockchain technology. On »ZKM Day« he will report on his artistic work in the exhibition »Open Codes«

In addition to his photographic works, he plays especially with the blockchain [digital data chain] as a stylistic means. The aim of his works is to critically illuminate the social value of art and the individual and to question why we attach value to things.

There are, for example, the »Priceless Moments«, which Abosch spent with Ai Weiwei in Berlin and deposited as PRCLS tokens – short for »priceless« or »invaluable« – in the blockchain to quantify the supposedly priceless as well as the time spent together by the two artists, and thus to make it purchasable, or the »I AM A COIN« project, with which he reflects the capitalist excesses of the art market. 

Kevin Abosch is currently working on a horror film that will be created especially for him by an artificial intelligence.

At the same time, several new exhibits will be on view in the »cryptoART Playground« of the exhibition »Open Codes«, including two of the 24 physically print »Cryptopunks« by John Watkinson of Larva Lab. 

Please note: The event will take place in English.

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