About the history of the resistance
Portrait of  Karl-Heinz Dellwo
Film presentation and discussion with Karl-Heinz Dellwo (RAF)
Wed, January 22, 2020 7 pm CET, Talk

Willi Baer and Karl-Heinz Dellwo are the editors of the series »Bibliothek des Widerstands« published by LAIKA-Verlag. At the beginning, Karl-Heinz Dellwo will give a lecture on the series and on the social necessity of keeping the history of protest and resistance present so that it does not have to be reinvented and re-started again and again. Films from this series will then be shown.


In March 2010, the first three volumes of the »Library of Resistance« were published by LAIKA-Verlag on the occasion of the Leipzig Book Fair. This series deals with the question of protest and resistance worldwide from the mid-1960s onwards. In these books, which, in addition to numerous photos, publish between 120 and about 500 pages of reflection by various actors, about 120 documentary films have been published to date.

Many of these films have been digitized, subtitled and often restored for the first time in this series. Some of the films are only available in this library or have even been made accessible to a German public for the first time, as they were considered lost. Among them, for example, the film »12 dicembre« by Pier Paolo Pasolini, which was believed to be lost, and a film by Yolande Du Luart about Angela Davis »Portrait of a Revolutionary« are available again today.

Please note: the lecture and film presentation will be held in German

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