VR Spaces - Flight into the stratosphere
Photo of a white balloon bursting in the stratosphere.
The VR installation as video
Sat, April 11, 2020 4 pm CEST

Would you like a little trip into the universe and back in ‘just five minutes’? »SPACES« makes it possible: five minutes that question our understanding of reality, space and time!

From April 11, 2020 onwards, you can experience our planet earth from above – on any screen, via smartphone and VR glasses as a 360 ° video.

The VR work »SPACES« (2019) by Marie Lienhard enables access to a physical experience, that you, without the latest technology, would otherwise never be able to experience! This immersive visual experience (especially in VR) creates an overwhelming physical feeling of weightlessness.

In these special times, the ZKM is making this virtual reality journey as a 360 ° (VR) video available online: escape the lockdown, fly to the edge of the atmosphere! Take a moment, recognize the big picture, go new ways and make new experiences – even if only as »a physical digital experience« – with creative potential and ideal visions for what lies ahead.

A two-meter helium balloon, to which a 360 ° panorama camera is attached, rises directly from the earth, to the edge of our universe. The camera captures the entire sublime show taking the viewer along: the city gets smaller and smaller, you can see the landscapes in all directions and the clouds approach over you until you can look down at them and our planet from way beyond our earth’s atmosphere and beyond the stratosphere into the depth of space. In the peaceful airless stillness, you can watch our planet far below you. At about 35 km into the stratosphere, the balloon bursts in an impressive explosion – causing the viewer to return to earth in a dizzying dive… and land safely.

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