#digiTALK – Meeting in the Digital Sphere
A man holds a microphone in his hand, people sit around him and listen. At the bottom it says "Digitalk Karlsruhe" and next to it a symbol of a pyramid. On the left is "#digiTALKKA" and the suggestion of a speech bubble.
The digital regulars' table of Karlsruhe
Fri, June 18, 2021 7 pm CEST

Our lives have shifted into digital space during the pandemic. Digital encounters have become a big part of the daily schedule. What impact does this have on social interaction, on perception and the ability to experience?

The pandemic has temporarily reduced our lives to digital encounters – at work, in our free time, in the office, museum or church. What do these digital encounters mean for our social interaction, for communicative exchange, but also for shared experience? Experts from research and cultural institutions in Karlsruhe will discuss what is new about digital encounters; and also what will remain once the pandemic is over.

#digiTALK is the digital regulars' table of Karlsruhe. As a regulars' table, the so called round table is open, discourse-oriented and an invitation to discuss conditions, consequences and thought experiments around the topic of digitalization of our living environment. Discussions are often most interesting when contradictions, controversies, conflicting views and very different starting points meet on a common topic – as it is applied here.

This time, the #digiTalk will take place as part of the EFFEKTE science festival.

The event will be hold in German language

Organization / Institution
EFFEKTE 2021| Science Festival Karlsruhe

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