Digital Guided Tour with Albert-László Barabási
Two men stand in the exhibition room in front of a projection that shows the cosmos as a network. They are covered by the projection. The left man is the scientist Albert-Lázsló Barabási. The right man is Peter Weibel. Both are smiling.
through »BarabásiLab. Hidden Patterns«
Tue, July 13, 2021 7 pm – 8 pm CEST, Guided Tour
Language: English

For individuals and families, registration required – limited number of participants!

Realized in cooperation with the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Hungary, the exhibition »BarabásiLab. Hidden Patterns« is the first in Germany to provide a comprehensive overview of the forms of visualization developed by BarabásiLab through its collaborative process involving scientists, artists, and designers alike. Without imposing a reductionist framework on the complexity of our world, the work of BarabásiLab reveals the hidden patterns in complex systems that determine our biological and social existence.

Digital requirements: internet access, video conferencing capability (computer camera and microphone). The guided tour will be hosted on zoom. We will send you the Zoom link shortly before the workshop begins.


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