The end of medicine as we know it – and why your health has a future
A visualization of a network is shown. The network looks like a ball. More edges and nodes accumulate in the center than further away from the center.
A book presentation by Harald Schmidt (MD, PhD, PharmD)
Thu, February 24, 2022 7 pm CET
Language: German

As part of the exhibition »BarabásiLab. Hidden Patterns« the internationally renowned physician scientist Harald Schmidt, MD, PhD, PharmD, presents his book »The end of medicine as we know it - and why your health has a future«, which was published in May last year.

Here, the author elaborates on why medicine itself is at a loss and why we hardly understand most diseases. Thus, often only the symptoms are treated, not the causes. As one of the pioneers of "systems medicine," he therefore predicts the end of medicine as we know it and its radical transformation through digitization. He shows how Big Data can be used for healing and prevention or how diagnostics can be done by artificial intelligence. With his book, Schmidt proposes to think medicine and health in a completely new way.

The book presentation will be rounded off by a conversation between Harald Schmidt and Peter Weibel.

»Geheilt statt behandelt« | Buchpräsentation von Prof. Dr. Med. Harald Schmidt

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