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Natürlich Kultur
Sat, August 07, 2021 6 pm CEST, Festival

On August 7, 2021, the museums, libraries and archives of Karlsruhe will open their doors the 22nd time for KAMUNA, the Karlsruhe Museum Night.

Whether climate change, the Corona crisis or our personal data on the internet – with extraordinary media artworks, the exhibitions of the ZKM show what concerns us today. Join us in the world of data and networks in the exhibition »BarabásiLab. Hidden Patterns«, learn more about the critical situation of our planet in »Critical Zones«, discover the interactive works of the ZKM Collection in »Writing the History of the Future« or grab the controller yourself for a trip through the history of video games in the exhibition »zkm_gameplay. the next level«. Every night owl may also look forward to a colorful program for both young and old. We are pleased to welcome you!

Our current exhibitions and the installations »Talking Tubes« and »Chiharu Shiota. Connected to Life« are open for you until midnight that day!



»Museum rally for young and old« 6 pm–10 pm

Explore the ZKM on your own and enjoy a small gift at the end of the tour!* You will receive your rally sheet in the foyer.

»Art Talks« 6 pm – midnight

The ZKM art mediators are waiting for you in the exhibitions of the ZKM. Ask questions and look forward to exciting conversations about the exhibited works

»Walk in Listening Session - Sounds of ZKM« Cube, 1st floor / 6 pm – midnight

Experience the music pieces of the ZKM | Hertz-Lab in a unique sound environment

»Experience ZKM Diversity« Film Screening Media Theater / 6 pm – midnight

Video documentations about current projects of the Hertz-Lab and the diverse exhibitions of the ZKM

»Distance-Art« Workshop for young and old Lecture Hall / 6 pm – midnight

We build strange-funny apparatuses to humorously maintain the »necessary distance«

mint - bistro.café.bar.catering

Snacks and drinks in the foyer and/or on the forecourt

*while stocks last

Organization / Institution
Karlsruhe museums, archives and libraries