Film screening: David Amram »Splendor in the Grass«
Two trumpet players are seen in front of a golden and red curtain. In the audience sit three women with red headdresses
The Hollywood classic with the music of David Amram
Wed, 20.10.2021, 7 pm CEST
Media Theater
Language: English

David Amram returns! To celebrate his 90th birthday, the ZKM is showing the Hollywood classic »Splendor in the Grass«, for which he wrote the score.

The 1961 U.S. feature film »Splendor in the Grass« by Elia Kazan tells the tragic love story of Wilma Dean and Bud Stamper. Set in a small town in Kansas in 1928, their love is hindered by bourgeois morals, family expectations and different origins. Rejection, self-discovery, as well as turning away from one's parents' home play a crucial role, referencing the »coming-of-age« genre. Winner of the Photoplay Award, three Golden Globe nominations and many other awards, the film is considered a classic in American film history and helped the young actress Natalie Wood to her breakthrough.

In addition to »Splendor in the Grass«, director Elia Kazan is also known for his film adaptations of »A Streetcar Named Desire«, »America America« and many other works.

Following the screening, a light-hearted conversation between David Amram, manager, producer and filmmaker Doug Yeager and ZKM CEO Peter Weibel awaits you.

David Amram

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