ARD Radio Play Days
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Fri, November 12, 2021 - Sat, November 13, 2021

They are back. Live and in the flesh. After the ARD Radio Play Days had to go into online quarantine last year due to Covid, they will once again take place on site at the ZKM | Karlsruhe in 2021.

Compact on two days: the competition for the ARD German Radio Play Prize – as always with twelve submissions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as always publicly discussed by a competent and prominent prize jury. There are four further prizes. They will be awarded during the »Night of the Winners« – with the Upper Bavarian band »Dreiviertelblut«, which promises »folklore-free folk music«.

A live radio play conceived especially for the Radio Play Days will be presented by the singer and director Schorsch Kamerun. His piece »Unerhörter Sound« (Unheard Sound) is about the question: Can art continue to ask effective questions under Covid restrictions? The event day under the motto »Next Generation« will deal with questions about the future of radio plays.

Anything missing? Yes, the children's live radio play at the end of the festival. Unfortunately, thousands of enthusiastic children (and their parents) cannot be »tamed« according to Covid rules – without losing what makes the day: irrepressible fun and unlimited movement. But next year...

Admission to all events of the ARD Radio Play Days is free, except for the live radio play »Unerhörter Sound«. Tickets are available from 20.10. at

2G rule for events

From 01.11.2021, the 2G rule will apply to events at the ZKM, i.e. only vaccinated or recovered persons will be admitted to the events. Either a valid vaccination certificate or convalescent certificate must be presented as proof. The implementation and design of the 2G rule is the responsibility of the federal states. You can read the current regulations here. For exhibitions, guided tours and visits to the bistro, the 3G rule (vaccinated (geimpft), tested (getestet) or recovered (genesen) persons) still applies.



Friday, 12.11.2021

1.30 – 5 pm       

Jury discussion

German Radio Play Award of the ARD

6 – 7 pmSound Dome
Markus Popp »NOVA«
8 – 9 pm

Live Radio Play »Unerhörter Sound«

by and with Schorsch Kamerun and PC Nackt

Media Theater


Saturday, 13.11.2021

1.30 – 5 pm


Radio Play »Next Generation«

Presentation of new formats, projects,

concepts and panels


6 – 7 pm

Sound Dome
Works by Lukas Nowok, Julia Rommel,

Mariam Gviniashvili and Ludger Brümmer


8 – 10 pm                      

»Night of the Winners« followed by a reception                       



Media Theater

Setlist of the Sound Dome on Sun, 13.11.2021

    • Lukas Nowok, »Force Etudes«, (2018-21), Fixed Media, 13‘ (Premiere)
    • Mariam Gviniashvili, »Trails«, (2021), Fixed Media, 12’ (Premiere)
    • Julia Jasmin Rommel, »Zwischenraum – Akustische Kartographie«, [Interspace - Acoustic Cartography], (2019-20), audiovisual installation for 8 channels, 14‘08‘‘ (Premiere)
    • Ludger Brümmer, »Falling«, (2020), Fixed Media, 27‘30‘‘
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The presentation of Mariam Gviniashvili's work »Trails« takes place within the frame of the project EASTN-DC, co-funded by the »Creative Europe Programme« of the European Union. 

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