Daniel Teruggi
Portrait of Daniel Teruggi.
Sat, April 30, 2022 8 pm CEST

The former long-time director of the GRM (Group de recherches musicales) presents the world premiere of his latest work, which he developed during a two week residency at the ZKM | Hertz-Lab. In addition, Teruggi enriches his concert program with the German premieres of two also very recent pieces.

This concert presents some of my very recent acousmatic works, including a new one composed specially for and in the ZKM_Kubus. My first experience in this extraordinary and unique spatial context took place in 2013. At that time, I explored the possibilities of working with multiple sound sources in space and I delved deeply into the way our musical perception reacts to this kind of situation. Since then, I have been exploring new spatial possibilities and dreaming of experiencing the rich sonic environment of the Kubus once again.

Over the last 20 years all my acousmatic works have been multiphonic, meaning that at least 8 spatial sources (loudspeakers) are involved when I perform them. The concept of sound completely surrounding our listening is highly familiar to our everyday experience. However, music has mainly been a frontal experience. Only recently has the whole space been included to it - comprising also the vertical dimension which really gives a 3D perspective to music.

The three works in this concert are multiphonic. The first two in eight tracks which will be enlarged with the Sound Dome of the Kubus. The new work consists of 32 tracks which represent an equal number of independent sources organised in space. »Unsoundables« is a travelling experience in imaginary sound universes - stories for our perception. »Nova Puppis« is a space adventure inspired by a family story where a continuously evolving sound covers space and time. Finally, »Punctus Spatio« is exactly what it means: Points in Space, exploring movements, punctual locations and of course a story for our ears that starts and ends in a multiple space.

Author: Daniel Teruggi



    • Daniel Teruggi »Unsoundables«, (2021), Fixed Media, 17’ German premiere
    • Daniel Teruggi »Nova Puppis«, (2020), Fixed Media, 20’ German premiere
    • Daniel Teruggi »Punctus spatio«, (2022), Fixed Media, 17’ World premiere
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ZKM | Hertz-Lab
Ludger Brümmer (Artistic director)
Dominik Kautz (Production manager & program)
Sebastian Schottke (Sound Director)
Hans Gass (Light & stage technician)
Götz Dipper (Guest artist coordinator)

ZKM | Communication & Marketing
Tanja Binder (Head of ZKM | Communication & Marketing)
Samira Kaiser, Ida Kammerer, Svenja Liebig, Anouk Widmann (Homepage & Communication)

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

The event takes place within the frame of the project EASTN-DC, co-funded by the »Creative Europe Programme« of the European Union.

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