Filmscreening »It's about Life« Day 1
someone else's story
Mon, July 04, 2022 7 pm CEST

»someone else's story« presents a curated selection of films by Ukrainian contemporary artists. The programme accentuates someone else’s experience and manifests the voices that usually remain behind the scenes. Observation of the media and thorough research underlie the selected films that transform personal stories and memories into complex narratives lighting up social and political realia today in a globalized perspective.  

Day 1 features films by Daniil Revkovskyi and Andrii RachynskyiMykola Ridnyi and Uli Golub —all coming from Kharkiv, a city in the Eastern part of Ukraine, which is being heavily bombed from the first day of Russia's invasion in Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Using a diaristic approach, working with found footage, or experimenting with the cinematographic language as such, all films are united with their focus on individual stories and singular voices. They investigate how memories are being constructed right now in the moment or in a historical perspective-altering our perception and attitude towards events and facts. 

All the films are in Ukrainian or Russian with English subtitles.


Monday, 4 July, 2022

Daniil Revkovskyi and Andrii Rachynskyi

Labour Safety in Dnipropetrovsk Region, 2018, 22’ 14’’


Mykola Ridnyi

Grey Horses, 2016, 38’

Shelter, 2012, 6’

Father’s Story, 2012, 3’ 34’’


Uli Golub

Notes from Underground, 2016, 13’ 23’’

Wednesday, 6 July, 2022

ruїns collective (Elias Parvulesco and Teta Tsybulnyk)

The Pink Map, 2016, 15’

The Winds Have Swept Us Off in All Directions… 2020, 13’ 24’’

Zong, 2019, 9’ 17’’

Salty Oscillations, 2021, 5’ 35’’

Dendro dreams, 2018, 24’ 20’’



Curated by Tatiana Kochubinska

Program funder