Isle of Coding (June)
The header image for the after-work event "Isle of Coding" is shown. The name can be seen as lettering and in a purple circle is the note uim Hallenbau- Sommerprogramm. The background is a summery ambience with pineapples, palm trees and waves.
Thu, July 27, 2023 5 pm CEST
Isle Hub on the Forecourt
Cancelled due to weather conditions.

The »ZKM | Isle of Coding« invites all fans of the afterwork to the island in front of the hall building. With DJ music and visual performance. Come by to experience live coding and balmy summer evenings together!

Live coding is a form of programming where the process of coding takes place right in front of the audience. Using algorithms, the artist:s create both musical and visual forms and patterns while fusing technology and art together.

On three dates from June to August, the »Isle of Coding« offers relaxation after work and unusual insights into the world of programming. While enjoying a refreshing drink, we invite everyone interested to enjoy music by DJs and experience live coding as a visual performance.

»Isle of Coding«  is open for everyone – regardless of age or technology background. It is an opportunity to meet with colleagues, friends, and artists, and discover the world of programming in a new way. Come by and experience live coding up close!



Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe
In cooperation with

mint Karlsruhe – bistro.café