ARTE movie night in the context of the KIT Science Week
On view is an audience in the media theater.
ZAK Talks
Sat, October 14, 2023 7 pm CEST
Media Theater
Language: German

The ZAK | Center for Applied Cultural Studies and General Studies (KIT), in cooperation with ARTE and the ZKM Karlsruhe, invites you to a movie evening with documentaries and knowledge series.

The movie night will focus on the current issues of our time. Climate, energy and globalization and how we cope with these challenges as a society and deal with their developments and threats now and in the future.


7 pm



Kreislauf des Lebens – Die Gaia-Hypothese

Documentary by Nigel Walk

ARTE / ZDF 2021, 86 min.

8.35 pm

Europa. Kontinent im Umbruch: Energie für alle

Documentary by Pierre-Olivier Francois

ARTE 2022, 52 min.

9.35 pm

42: Die Antwort auf fast alles – Kann Geoengineering das
Klima retten?

Knowledge series by Petra Thurn

ARTE /HR 2021, 30 min.


42: Die Antwort auf fast alles – Retten Städte die Welt?

Knowledge series by Petra Thurn

ARTE /HR 2021, 29 min.

10.35 pm

Late Night Snack

11.05 pm

Superspeicher – Power auf Dauer?

Documentary by Michaela Kirst und Martin Gronemeyer

ARTE / ZDF 2022, 52 Min.


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