The Sculptural in the (Post-)Digital Age
Portraits of Mara-Johann Kölmel and Ursula Ströbele
Book presentation and panel discussion
Thu, June 13, 2024 7 pm CEST, Talk

Digital technologies have fundamentally shaped the arts and expanded the field of sculpture since the 1950s. However, art history has paid little attention to sculptural works that were conceived and 'materialised' with the help of computer programs. A number of theoretical approaches discuss the implications of a so-called »aesthetics of the digital« and refer primarily to screen-based phenomena.

Based on the publication of the same name, published by De Gruyter in 2023, the two editors Mara-Johanna Kölmel and Ursula Ströbele discuss with their guests from theory and art how concepts of the sculptural influence current positions in digital art and configure the understanding of sculpture in the age of the (post-)digital.