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Wed, September 11, 2024 – Fri, September 13, 2024, Conference
ZKM | Center for Art and Media
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Open Media, Open Standards and digital audiovisual preservation are the focus of the three-day conference »No Time to Wait«. Like »Just in Time« (2022), the event highlights the urgency of the topic. The cooperation between ZKM and is the eighth edition of a conference series that has been held annually since 2016. 

With its commitment to electronic and digital art, the ZKM occupies a unique position in the global museum landscape. Its collection, which comprises over 12,000 works, including 100 video and audio installations, 1,500 videos and 240 computer-based installations, is one of the most extensive collections of computer-based installations in the world. In addition, ZKM has acquired numerous archives with over 23,000 videos, around 440 films and 6,400 sound recordings. In line with its mission to support artists in their exploration of new technologies, but also to preserve the history of new media for future generations, ZKM has developed a recognized expertise in the preservation of electronic and digital works.

Over the past ten years, the invaluable contribution of museum outsiders to the preservation and exchange with other communities has proven to be a crucial factor in the care of these complex and fragile artworks. The conference event »No Time To Wait« is an example of the porosity between the world of archivists, film and art preservationists and software developers.

Registration & Call
Registration for the »No Time to Wait« conference – for both remote and in-person participation – is now open. Register now!

A call for proposals will be published in March 2024, inviting developers, dreamers, scientists and practitioners to contribute their insights and research.

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