GLOBALE: Transsolar + Tetsuo Kondo
A Cloud in the ZKM
Sun, June 21, 2015 – Tue, September 15, 2015
A cloud in the ZKM! As prelude to the exhibition »Exo-Evolution« Stuttgart-based Energietechnik GmbH Transsolar, together with Japanese architect Tetsuo Kondo plan to produce an artificial cloud in the ZKM spaces.
The project combines many years’ experience in the sphere of climate engineering with architectural knowledge: by applying cutting-edge technologies, not only is climate engineering made visible, but ways are also shown in which the human being will become capable of exercising greater influence on natural phenomena with increasing effectiveness in the future.
Exhibitions team
  • Technical project management: Henrike Mall (ZKM)
  • Conceptional advice: Anja Thierfelder (Stuttgart)
  • Scaffolding construction ramp: IBEK Gerüstbau (Vaihingen/Enz)
  • Scaffolding construction tower: Kammerer Gerüstbau (Karlsruhe)
  • Timber construction ramp: Schreinerei Gräßle (Vaihingen/Enz)
  • Technique: R+S Haustechnische Systeme (Düsseldorf, Freiburg)
Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe

A project as part of the city birthday – 300 years Karlsruhe –