The new art experience in the digital age

Black pixels, which condense inside. In the middle is »GLOBALE« written


300 years Karlsruhe – 300 days GLOBALE at ZKM.
On the occasion of the 300-year anniversary of the city of Karlsruhe in June 2015, the ZKM | Center for Art and Media presented a new artistic manifestation: the GLOBALE. With exhibitions, concerts, performances and symposia, the polyphone, multipolar event GLOBALE – both laboratory and academy – presented the decisive artistic, social, and scientific tendencies of the twenty-first century.

Here, you can find out anything about alll the events concerning the GLOBALE:

ImpressionsThe impressions will show you the most important questions of the GLOBALE, allow you to take a look back in pictures and provide you with an infographic of the GLOBALE.
BackgroundThe conceptual, artistic and scientific background of the GLOBALE...
ExhibitionsThe cultural effect of globalisation and digitalisation, and the mutual influences on various cultural concepts, are shown in the various exhibitions of the GLOBALE.
EventsPerformances, research presentations, film screenings, readings, lectures, performances, campaigns, concerts, conferences and much more...
PublicationsVarious fascinating publications have been written about the exhibitions of the GLOBALE.