A computer male with blue suit, which stretches the left arm in the air
The Game platform at the ZKM. Restart the Game!
Wed, 20.04.2016 – Mon, 31.12.2018
Atrium 1+2
Cost: Museumseintritt

ZKM_Gameplay is the new permanent exhibition on the theme of video games and experimented forms of play.

Since its opening in 1997, numerous computer games have been presented at the Atrium 1+2. These reflect an essential part within modern society heavily influenced by digitalized realities of life. For centuries new artistic, experimental, media-reflective as well as »serious« games have evolved. The cultural and economic power of digital games and gameplay have experienced a continuous growth. This has made the games an important object of the ZKM.

A varied selection of exhibits is on display. A large area is dedicated to works of game art ranging both from art which has computer games as its subject, and computer games designed by artists. Added to this are computer and video games, which illustrate the entire range of the medium and make these experienceable in the museum.

The age ratings of the games range from 0 to 12 years old. Most of the games are suitable for children, but may also appeal to adults in the same way. Furthermore, there are a few games, which are recommended until the age of 16.

»ZKM_Gameplay« zeigt diese Entwicklungen und präsentiert das Computerspiel als Medium, das eine eigene Geschichte und Vorstellungswelt ausprägen konnte und nun in eine Phase der Reflexion eintritt.

»ZKM_Gameplay« ist für alle unsere BesucherInnen konzipiert. Die Ausstellung bietet auf spielerische Weise Zugang zu den faszinierenden Welten des Computerspiels – und sie passt sich dem beständigen Wandel an aktuelle Spiele und Themen an.


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