The Morning Line plays
The picture shows a person playing music in front of a mixer.
electroacoustic pieces by Ludger Brümmer
Mon, March 01, 2021 – Fri, April 30, 2021

In March and April, a cross-section of the musical oeuvre of composer and ZKM | Hertz-Lab director Ludger Brümmer is playing over the multi-channel loudspeaker system of the  ZKM | Sound Pavilion. 

In the midst of the pandemic, the Platz der Menschenrechte [Square of Human Rights] is filled with sounds sans musicians. The Sound Pavilion »The Morning Line« is playing electroacoustic pieces by Ludger Brümmer throughout day and night.

»The Morning Line« consists of 41 loudspeakers and 12 subwoofers which are guided by a central control unit. It was designed by artist Matthew Ritchie, the architects Aranda\Lasch and the Advanced Geometry Unit (AGU) by Arup specifically for rendering space-filling electroacoustic compositions. The installation is a colossal sound body accessible for visitors. The unique sound system was designed by Tony Myatt and the Music Research Centre of York University.


»Ambre, Lilac« (1994/ 95) 21’45''

»Carlo« (2004) 22'

»Cellularium« (2009) 18’25''

»Deconstructing Double District« (2011) 4’50''

»De la Nuit« (1999) 18’12''

»Falling« (2020) 27’30''

»Glasharfe« (2006) 19'

»Nyx« (2001) 27’50''

»Phrenos« (1997) 18’45''

»Spin« (2014) 18'

»Urban Voices« (2013) 62'

»Repetitions« (2005) 21’40'' 

»The Gates of H.« (1993) 18’50''

The tracks will be played in shuffle mode.

Ludger Brümmer about his compositions

The Morning Line (2007) is commissioned, produced, and donated by