Nobody's Listening
Portrait of Hala
An Immersive Exhibition Promoting Justice for Iraq's Forgotten Genocide
Sat, October 02, 2021 – Sun, January 23, 2022

The Kurdish and Arabic translation of the English exhibition text can be found here.

»Nobody's Listening« is a Virtual Reality experience and immersive exhibition that commemorates the Yazidi genocide committed by ISIS in the summer of 2014 in northern Iraq.

Seven years on and despite Nadia Murad winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Amal Clooney’s influential advocacy, and quickly implemented refugee programs such as that provided by the state of Baden-Württemberg, too little has been done to help the Yazidis and other affected communities. The genocide is still ongoing: Approximately 3,000 Yazidi women and children remain missing or in captivity, and not a single ISIS fighter has been brought to justice for the crime of genocide. The exhibition explores the consequences of the genocidal campaign by ISIS and its devastating effect on persecuted communities and their cultural heritage through Virtual Reality technology, photography, and art works by Yazidi artists. Above all, »Nobody's Listening« pays tribute to the courage, determination, and agency of the survivors, and gives them a space where they can be heard by people around the world. Together they are one voice, calling for international recognition and justice.

The exhibition creates an immersive environment that generates greater international awareness of the events of the 2014 genocidal campaign and its profoundly devastating consequences for the Yazidi people, Christians as well as other minority religious groups and their cultural heritage in northern Iraq. Seven years after the genocide, this is a forward-facing exhibition that focuses on what needs to happen next. It provides a platform for survivors and displaced people to tell their stories, display their expressions of painting, sculpture, and poetry – and make their voices heard about what actions are still needed.

»Nobody’s Listening« is a touring exhibition organized by Yazda and Upstream in collaboration with the Society for Threatened People e.V. and the Institute for Transcultural Health Science at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, designed and produced by Easy Tiger Creative Ltd, first shown by ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and generously funded by the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg, the United States Agency for International Development and the International Organization for Migration. The exhibition is under the patronage of Winfried Kretschmann, Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg. At the ZKM it is accompanied by a comprehensive community outreach program supported by the Culture Department of the City of Karlsruhe. 

"The »Nobody’s Listening« Exhibition is an important way to remind people of the horrors of ISIS, but also to inspire action to ensure this never happens again to Yazidis, Christians or any other Iraqi community." – Ivana Waleed, Yazidi activist and genocide survivor


"»Nobody's Listening« is a moving exhibition that pays tribute to the courage of the survivors of genocide and amplifies their call for justice." – Amal Clooney, Human Rights Lawyer



The exhibition project

Curator and Exhibition/VR Producer 
Ryan Xavier D’Souza

Art Director 
Dijon Dajee

Involved at Yazda 
Ahmed Khudida, Vian Darwish, Delkhwaz Haciy, the Yazidi Survivor Network

Involved at ZKM 
Philipp Ziegler, Teresa Retzer, Anne Däuper, Banu Beyer, Zachary Feldman, Adamantia Goulandris, ZKM Videostudio, ZKM Communications and Marketing, ZKM Museum and Exhibition Technical Services

Involved at Society for Threatened Peoples
Tabea Giesecke, Burkhard Gauly, Eytan Çelik, Caroline Siems

Involved at Institute for Transcultural Health Science
Dr. Jan Ilhan Kizilhan

Exhibition and Graphic Design
Easy Tiger Creative 

Steven Swaby

VR Experience 
Surround Vision

VR Director
Mary Matheson

Legal Advisor
Güley Bor

Clinical Psychologist 
Dr. Sarah Whittaker

Alexander Gross
Special thanks to the Photographers and Artists who kindly contributed their time and work for this exhibition. This exhibition is dedicated to Yazidis and all other survivors of the genocide.

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe
Under the patronage of:

Winfried Kretschmann, Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg

Organized by:

Produced by:

Cooperation partner:

Supported by:

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