A car apparently breaks through the facade of Karlsruhe Castle.
Horizons of Hope. Dawn of Devices
Wed, August 16, 2023 – Sun, September 17, 2023, Film Screening

Under the motto »Horizons of Hope. Dawn of Devices,« SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE 2023 will light up the façade of Karlsruhe's baroque palace starting on August 16. Peter Weibel had worked on this year's edition until shortly before his death.

In 2015, on the occasion of the city's 300th birthday, Peter Weibel transformed the facade of Karlsruhe Castle into an open space for the media arts for the first time with the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELEN. With »Horizons of Hope. Dawn of Devices« in 2023, he wanted to once again give the commonalities of art and science a big stage. The program therefore also builds a bridge to his last major exhibition »Renaissance 3.0,« currently on view at ZKM.

Under the direction of Peter Weibel, the jury of the BBBank Award selected the international winning entries for this year's SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE program in December 2022 from 76 submissions from countries such as Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. The BBBank Award winner from Indonesia presents itself colorfully. With »BHINNEKA EXPRESS,« The Fox, the Folks immerse themselves in a story about how we strive for growth in the midst of rapid change.

Artificial intelligence and generative art are explored by runners-up OVERLAPPINGSTUDIO_SIMONE SERLENGA in their show »AI + GA« (Artificial Intelligence + Generative Art). »For headlights crave hindsight too« is the name of the production by Cluster Kollektiv from Karlsruhe, which won 3rd prize at the BBBank Awards. Here, the Karlsruhe castle is perceived by sensors and its shape and texture is detected in a pulse-like manner. This creates a projection surface for an autonomous ride, which is accompanied by an AI-generated sound. Also awarded third prize was SÍNOCA from Spain. In the projection mapping »HUMANITY« they try to create sustainable balance between digital technologies, machines and humans. With »80's Flash«, the Hungarian studio Maxin10sity will also present a new show.

A special attraction will be Kraftwerk's projection mapping, which will be projected onto the castle facade during the already sold-out concert on August 12. During this year's SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE season, selected excerpts will be on view.

We cordially invite you to the premiere on Wednesday, August 16, 2023 in the Karlsruhe Schlossgarten!



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