(A)I Tell You, You Tell Me
The picture shows an abstract structure with a vacuum cleaner head in the middle and colorful shapes all around.
Three Encounters for Humans / Machines
Sat, May 04, 2024 – Sun, November 24, 2024
Atrium 1+2, Ground Floor
Cost: Museum admission

Artificial intelligence is a major issue of our time, which we as individuals not uncommonly react to with skepticism and prejudices. The exhibition »(A)I Tell You, You Tell Me. Three Encounters for Humans/Machines« slots into the current discourse on AI and offers the opportunity to enter into dialog and exchanges with algorithmic systems. By engaging interactively, we can explore intuitively our relationship to technology, question existing prejudices, and reflect on our own self as well as the purported technological »other«. To this end, we have commissioned three large-scale artworks that occupy the first floor of Atriums 1+2.

»AEIOU« (2024)

»Electrify Me, Baby« (2024)

»Flatware, Hardware, Software, Wetware« (2024)

Complex Interactions between Humans and Machines

»(A)I Tell You, You Tell Me« is a place where people, ideas and technologies meet, a place of learning, experimentation, and research, where the focus is very much on reflecting and participating together. The project makes use of the exhibited artworks to illuminate the complex interactions between humans and machines and questions what we can learn from these encounters and what conclusions we can draw from them for ourselves and for our society.

How Much AI Is in Us?

In order to learn more about us as individuals and as a society, we invite you to participate in the diverse program that accompanies the exhibition. In addition to analog and digital workshops, discussions with experts, and a reading circle, film screenings, performative interventions, and guided tours are planned to encourage dialog.

Together, we want to explore alternatives to the humanization of technology and try out new ways of reflecting on technical instruments. The abandonment of the dualism of human vs. machine is understood as a stimulus to develop new thought processes that enable new perspectives and allow everyone individual access to the discourses.

Exhibition team: 

Anne Däuper (Technical Project Management)
Daniel Heiss (Technical Development)
Matthias Gommel (Scenography)
Laura Schmidt (Curatorial Assistance)
Gina Marie Schwenzfeier, Janis Ströver (Project Assistance)
Lisa Bartling, Janine Burger, Alexandra Hermann (Mediation)
Regina Linder (Registrar)
Sarah Donata Schneider (Collection Officer)

Marlen Ernst, Anouk Widmann (Marketing)
Anne Thomé, Emma Teuscher (Editing & PR)
With special thanks to
the artists, Lydia Ahrens (alexander levy), Daria Mille, Tina Lorenz

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