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Within the Digital Culture Programme of the German Federal Cultural Foundation we realize the project »« in cooperation with the Deutsches Museum. It explores new paths of museum communication and outreach.

The project aims to encourage and enable museum visitors to engage critically with artificial intelligence (AI). The goal is to question current developments and explore the potential of using AI in museums. To what extent does AI allow us to reduce barriers in the exhibition space and make the museum experience more inclusive?

AI is being used more and more in everyday life. The underlying technology remains a black box for most people. This circumstance discourages social discussion and promotes its mystification. In this project, we aim to make AI technology more accessible to artists and the interested public. Therefore, the ZKM develops suitable digital tools and publishes these program codes open source in a code repository. This allows the public to use and discuss them critically.

We follow an approach to AI that puts people at the center and does not focus solely on technical factors. We are guided by humanistic values such as ethics. Risks such as AI-generated fake news or discrimination when using AI need to be highlighted.

Through practice-oriented research, the development of prototypes and hands-on demonstrations, we make AI tangible for a broad public. In addition, we invite international artists with the aim of realizing new AI-based artworks. They will be embedded in a novel AI-supported exhibition concept at both houses.

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Deutsches Museum, Nuernberg
Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies, and Image Exploitation (IOSB), Karlsruhe

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