Alexander Schubert, »CRAWLERS«
The Intelligent Museum
Wed, May 05, 2021 7 pm CEST, Talk
Languages: German, English

The second edition of our new streaming series #hertzlab is all about the project »The Intelligent Museum«  – a project that takes place since 2020 in cooperation with the Deutsches Museum München.

The project will explore »Deep Learning techniques« to develop new forms of interaction with the visitors. A variety of approaches to AI-powered digital art will be used to critically examine and explore the socially relevant topic of artificial intelligence from a variety of perspectives.

Experimenting with new digital aesthetics and forms of expression facilitates experiencing the museum in new ways and thus also enables new ways of museum communication and learning to be pursued: the space of the museum becomes a forum, a place for making new experiences and engaging in critical dialogue.

Although AI techniques are increasingly used, the underlying technology is hardly accessible to most people. This circumstance hinders a broad social discussion and promotes the mystification of AI. One of the goals of »The Intelligent Museum« is therefore to make the technology more accessible to artists and an interested public. In this second edition of #hertzlab, we get an insight into the work of the project team of software developers and AI experts. They are creating software tools that will make artificial intelligence much more accessible to people who are not proven experts.

A brief presentation of the new guest artist projects of the upcoming »Intelligent Museum Residency« and the current exhibition »CRAWLERS« will show the different ways in which artists apply AI techniques.

The event will be held in German with artist contributions in English.

#hertzlab is held within the framework of »The Intelligent Museum«. Funded by the Digital Culture Program of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation). Funded by the Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media)

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