OPEN CALL Artistic Residency NO.1

Two people sit in deck chairs in front of two large screens. On the right screen is written "Making generative fictions out of deep learning".

The ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and the Deutsches Museum invite international artists to submit innovative project proposals at the intersection of art and artificial intelligence (AI) and apply for a two-part artist residency at both institutions as part of the project »The Intelligent Museum«.

As part of »The Intelligent Museum,« a variety of approaches to AI-powered digital art will be used to critically examine and explore the socially relevant topic of AI from a variety of perspectives.

About the Project: The Intelligent Museum

The open call addresses artists who, regardless of disciplines and genres, apply machine learning, especially Deep Learning, in an innovative way in their artistic practice. Special consideration will be given to submissions that experimentally test new possibilities of interaction between artwork and recipients through the use of Deep Learning. Artists who do not consider themselves to be proven experts in the field of AI are also explicitly invited to submit project proposals. As a result of the residency, an AI-supported artwork is to be created and produced during the residency.

Artist Residency at ZKM and Deutsches Museum

As part of the collaborative residency, residencies are planned at both institutions – the Deutsches Museum in Munich and Nuremberg, respectively, and ZKM | Karlsruhe. The residency will take place over a period from June to October 2021 and will be scheduled in dialogue between the artists and the partner institutions. Each location will offer the fellows access to site-specific resources and opportunities.

During the residency at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, the Kerschensteiner Kolleg will be available as accommodation. In this inspiring environment in close proximity to the exhibition, new ideas will be generated and further developed. Workshops, lectures and other events at the Deutsches Museum in Munich and the Nuremberg branch will enable an open exchange from which artists, curators and visitors will benefit.

The guest residency at ZKM | Karlsruhe takes place at the Hertz-Lab. The Hertz-Lab offers artists of all genres - from visual arts to music - the opportunity to try out a variety of technologies in collaboration with scientists and developers. The Hertz-Lab focuses on artistic production and media technology research.

Available on site by appointment are: Workshops (wood, metal, electrical), a dark projection room, set-up areas for installation prototypes, a green screen studio, a sound studio with multi-channel audio projection, and a volumetric capturing system.

Fellows will have access throughout the project to a dedicated AI server at the Hertz-Lab, built to both outsource inference for edge computing devices and accelerate training of medium- to large-scale deep learning models. The machine features an EPYC 7502P server CPU and two A100 PCIe GPU cards.

Financial conditions

Scholarship recipients will receive a stipend. The stipend is 1,500€ per month and is limited to a maximum of 3 months. The duration of the residency will be agreed upon between the partner institutions and the fellows prior to the start of the residency. For the realization of the artistic project, a maximum of 2,000€ can be spent on necessary material costs after consultation. As a rule, the items purchased in this way remain the property of the fellowship provider.

For travel to the residencies, the scholarship holders can be reimbursed for their travel expenses up to a maximum of 1,000€, taking into account the applicable travel expense laws. Accommodation will be organized by the scholarship provider. Requests of the scholarship holders can be taken into consideration.

Conditions of participation

The following is required for submission:

  • Short summary of the project idea (max. 1000 characters incl. spaces).
  • Project description including the corresponding submission cluster as well as the required technical infrastructure and possible dwell times (max. 5000 characters incl. spaces)
  • Short biography (max. 1000 characters incl. spaces) as well as contact details

Applications may be emailed to with the email subject »Intelligent Museum Residency Proposal, Last Name« in a PDF file of up to 5 MB by March 7, 2021, inclusive. Please upload any accompanying audio, images, and video online to a file hosting service of your choice and include the non-expiring download link in your application email. If you have any questions, please contact

Open source release of program code

In accordance with the motto »Public Money, Public Code«, all program codes developed within the framework of the project are to be deposited in a code repository in an open source manner and thus made available to the relevant developer communities as well as to the general public for inspection or for their own further development. The open source publication of the data sets used is not a requirement. If these datasets are not publicly available, the functionality of the deep learning method used must be comprehensible on the basis of exemplary data.


The artist-in-residence program »Intelligent Museum Residency« is part of the project »The Intelligent Museum« and takes place in cooperation between ZKM | Karlsruhe and the Deutsches Museum. It is funded by the »Kultur Digital« program of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

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