Guided Tour with Artists and Curators

Through the exhibition »Repairing the Present :RETOOL«

You can see a wide meadow on which a project was built. This stands on 3 supports and carries a box that is labeled with Film Seed. A woman hooks the field next to it.

Sat, November 19, 2022 1 pm – 2 pm CET, Guided Tour, Atrium 8, 1st floor
Languages: German, English

For individuals and families, without registration - limited number of participants!

Explore the exhibition "Repairing the Present :RETOOL" on a guided tour with the curators and artists.

The exhibition ":RETOOL" presents exploratory and performative tools artists:use to confront contemporary complex challenges. ":RETOOL" gathers artistic responses to emergency scenarios as we experience them worldwide in the form of pandemic outbreaks or the climate crisis.

The tour will be held in German and English.


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ZKM | Center for Art and Media