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How might we imagine a different future together?

Thu, January 26, 2023 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm CET

© Anne Freitag / STATE Studio

Digital workshop on the topic of futures literacy as part of the exhibition Repairing the Present :RETOOL of the S+T+ARTS initiative of the European Commission at ZKM. At the workshop, we invite you to explore speculations about future possibilities which were submitted by visitors to the exhibition. We will use these speculations to jointly create visions of alternative positive futures and to craft ideas for their implementation using the Three Horizon Method. The method connects the present with the desired futures and explores solutions on how to transition from the present into a better future. All the resulting contributions will be published on the "Futures Canvas" platform. The workshop will start with an introduction to the exhibition and the topic of futures literacy. There is no previous knowledge necessary. 

Futures Canvas is a digital tool for collaboratively designing maps of possible futures. It uses gamification, crowdsourcing and futures thinking to address wicked problems through collective speculation and open ideation. As we grapple with our own and others' expectations, hopes, and fears, we create a diverse and multi-faceted picture of the future possibilities. Futures Canvas helps explore our collective ideas about the future, broadening our view and thereby enabling us to make better-informed decisions in the here and now.

The workshop is moderated by Christian Rauch and Tanja Schindler.


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