Arata Isozaki

Year of birth, place
1931, Oita, Kyushu, Japan
Year of death, place
Role at the ZKM
in the collection

Japanese architect Arata Isozaki was influenced early on by American high-rise construction and since 1954 has been responsible for the realization of numerous buildings: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, the Tsukuba Civic Center in the Japanese "science city" Tsukuba City, a city hall in Kanioka and a commercial building in Chicago. He has also designed banks, libraries, monuments, hospitals, cultural centers, museums, town halls, schools, city halls, urban development projects, office, cultural, administrative and residential buildings, leisure and sports facilities, restaurants and hotels in Germany, Japan, Spain and the USA. Furthermore, he works as a film architect. Arata Isozaki is a jury member of international tenders and himself a recipient of international prizes, awards and honorary memberships. Since 1976, he has continued to distinguish himself through a series of exhibitions and publications.

1950Studied architecture at the University of Tokyo
1956Degree  as "Master of Arts" at the University of Tokyo
1961Doctorate in Architecture at the University of Tokyo
1963Founded an architectural firm in Tokyo, which Isozaki later renamed "Studio Arata Isozaki & Associates" and moved to Kyushu
1964Acting as lecturer in architecture at the University of Tokyo
Since 1964Visiting professorships at various universities around the world: Californien, Hawai, Columbia, Harvard, Yale
Works (Selection)
1960Oita Medical Hall, Oita City [J]
1966Oita Prefectural Library, Oita City [J]
1974The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma [J]
1976Kitakyushu City Museum of Art, Kitakyushu City [J]
1978Kamioka Town Hall, Kamioka-machi [J]
1980Fujimi Country Clubhouse, Oita City [J]
1984Okanoyama Graphic Art Museum, Nishiwaki City [J]
1986Tokyo University of Art and Design, Tokyo [J]
1986Iwata House, Nippon [J]
 Foundation Daniel Templon Museum, Fréjus [F]
1987Ochanomizu Square Building, Nippon [J]
1988Hara Museum Arc, Shibukawa City [J]
1989Kitakyusyu International Conference Center, Kitkyushu City [J]
1990Olympia-Sporthalle (Palau Sant Jordi), Barcelona [E]
 Museum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Stuttgart [D]
 Art Tower Mito, Mito City [J]
 Erweiterung des Brooklyn-Museum, New York City [USA]
1991Verwaltungsgebäude in Disney World, Orlando [USA]
1994Museum of Contemporary Art, Nagi [J]
1996Haus des Menschen, La Coruna [E]
Exhibitions (Selection)
»Architecture of the Year 1996«, Met-Hall in the Metropollitan Plaza, Ikebukuro, Tokyo [J], 20. 11. - 03.12.1996
»The Mirage City - Another Utopia - Isozaki Arata«, ICC InterCommunicationCenter Tokyo [J], 19.04. - 13.07. 1997

»Iconoclash. Jenseits der Bilderkriege in Wissenschaft, Religion und Kunst« 
ZKM Karlsruhe [D], 04.05.–01.09. 2002

Works at ZKM
»The Electric Labyrinth«, 1968/2002,  Reconstruction of space by Arata Isozaki, XIV Triennale Milan, 1968, installation 1200 x 520 x 1500 cm, Courtesy Arata Isozaki and ZKM