Daniel García Andújar

Daniel García Andújar began his artistic activity in the late 1980s, working mainly in the field of video, in projects of intervention in public spheres on the topics of racism and xenophobia, as well as the misuse of technology in surveillance system. Since 1996 he has been developing the project »Technology to the People®«, both on the net and with physical media (exhibitions, installations, CD-ROMs) and has been exhibited in »Some of my Favourite Websites are Art and Beyond Interface«. Other presentations of the project have taken place in »Un-Frieden/Discord: Sabotage of Realities« (Hamburg), »Desde la imagen« (Valencia), »Scattered Affinities« (New York and Madrid), »Reservate der Sehnsucht« (Dortmund), »Threats an Promises of Electronic Art« (Vigo), and in individual exhibitions like »interface@metronom.es« (Barcelona).