Edmond Couchot

Year of birth, place
1932, Paris, France
Year of death, place
Role at the ZKM
in the collection
Edmond Couchot holds the academic degree of »Docteur d’État« and is »Professor émérite des universités«. For twenty years, he headed the postgraduate course in arts and technologies of the image at the Université Paris 8. As a theoretician, he is interested in the relationship between art and technology, and has published around a hundred articles and five books on this subject: »Images. De l’optique au numérique« (1988); »La Technologie dans l’art« (1998); »L’Art numérique« (2003); »Des images, du temps et des machines dans les arts et la communication« (2007); and his most recent publication »La Nature de l’Art. Ce que les sciences cognitives nous révèlent sur le plaisir esthétique« (2012). The anthology »Dialogues sur l’art et la technologie. Autour d’Edmond Couchot« (2001) is a collection of contributions about his work. Originally a visual artist, since the 1960s Couchot has created interactive cybernetic installations, which react to sound and require the participation of the spectator.