Gustav Metzger

Year of birth, place
1926, Nürnberg, Germany
Role at the ZKM
in the collection
Gustav Metzger came to England in 1939 as a child refugee from Germany (Refugee Children Movement). Has been stateless since the 1940s. Studied woodwork at the Technical College in Leeds and art at the Cambridge School of Art and Borough Polytechnic in London. 1959 published the first of three manifestos on auto-destructive art. Organized international “Destruction in Art Symposium” (DIAS). 1969 became editor of »PAGE«, the bulletin of the London Computer Arts Society. He lives in London, UK.
Exhib.: 1961, »Bewogen Beweging«, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. 1972, documenta 5, Kassel.
Lit.: G. M., “Auto-destructive art, Machine art, Auto-creative art,” in: Kristine Stiles and Peter Selz (eds.), »Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art. A Sourcebook of Artist’s Writings«, Berkeley, 1996, p. 402.