Gyuchul Moon

Portrait of Gyuchul Moon
Year of birth, place
lives and works in
The Hague, Netherlands
Role at the ZKM
Guest Artist
At the ZKM
  • 2023

Gyuchul Moon is a South Korean sound and audiovisual new media artist working at the intersection of science and technology based in The Hague, the Netherlands.  By means of sound performances and installations, he examines the underlying mechanisms of generative sounds seeking to evoke new imaginations about sound. Based on fundamental questions about sound, technology, and complex systems and their entanglement, he investigates the physical embodiment of sound acting as a generative form. He explores a new musical form that bridges music with alternative technological perspectives and a new material understanding that makes use of AI, self- regulation, and self-organizing principles. In doing so, he expands the aesthetics of sound and explores the possibility of composing audio material organically.

Gyuchul Moon presented his sound and audiovisual works at SonicActs (Amsterdam, NL), MUTEK (Japan + Mexico), MUTEK (Montreal virtual expo), Acts Festival (Gwangju, KR), SXSW (Austin, US), WeSA (Seoul, KR), PRECTXE (Bucheon, KR). He exhibited his works at the Sejong Center (Seoul, KR) and at the Art Center Nabi (Seoul, KR).  In 2021 he was selected for the residency program at EMS (Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm, SE).