Sonic Spaces 2023
Kaleidoscopically arranged lettering "Sonic Spaces".
Electronic Music and Performances
Thu, May 25, 2023 8 pm CEST, Concert

World premiere of works produced within the framework of the international Artist-in-Residency program by ZKM. Including various genres of contemporary electronic music. 

As part of the open call »Sonic Spaces 2023«, composers were invited to apply for the categories acousmatic music, live coding or artificial intelligence. From the more than 230 applications submitted, an in-house jury selected a total of five outstanding artists and invited them to work for a month in the studios of the ZKM | Hertz-Lab to realize their new projects. 

The composers and sound artists Mariam Gviniashvili from Georgia as well as the Italians Giulia Francavilla and Giuseppe Pisano will present multichannel acousmatic pieces. Acousmatic music is characterized by the fact that no musicians are present on stage. Instead, this special music is played in concerts exclusively by means of loudspeakers – in the past from a tape, today by means of a computer. The compositions created within the category of acousmatic music are specially designed for playback on the unique loudspeaker system of the ZKM Sound Dome and, with their sophisticated spatial sound concepts, invite the listeners to take fantastic imaginary journeys.

The Brazilian live coder Bruno Gola presents a piece exploring the sonic potential of his own live coding platform »c0l1v3« by rearranging collected audio material from collective sessions. Live coding can be understood as improvisational-algorithmic real-time composition on an auditory and visual level.

An impressive piece based on artificial intelligence is part of the performance by South Korean Gyuchul Moon and completes this multifaceted as well as exciting concert evening. In terms of content, the sound and media artist focuses in his live performance on generating a continuous chain of musical possibilities based on the simulation of the growth of a slime mold.

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Ludger Brümmer (Artistic director)
Dominik Kautz (Artistic director, project & production manager)
Sebastian Schottke (Sound director)
Hans Gass (Light & stage technician)