The picture shows a man standing at a mixing desk. He has glasses and long hair, which he has tied together in a braid.

h0nh1m (Chris Cheung Hon Him) is an artist known for installation art and audiovisual performances. His artistic expression is composed of electronics, sound art, generative visuals, and creative technologies in New Media. h0nh1m's artistic practice reflects his belief in Chinese Philosophy. He founded the »XCEPT« studio and the »XCEED« art group back in 2008, whose collective works have been showcased worldwide. His long-term and still ongoing research project »RadianceScape« was selected in various international festivals like Ars Electronica or FILE. He also presented this project live at the Sónar Festival and the WRO Art Biennale in 2017. A few of his immersive soundscape installations such as »Prismverse« and »CarbonScape« gain spotlight in international media magazines like Mashable, CNN Style, Wired, Fubiz, Designboom, and CreativeApplications. His latest calligraphy installation »Mochiji« is exhibited by Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts and his ink work »InkFlux« is recently shown in the United Overseas Bank in Singapore.