Jackson Pollock Bar

founded in, place
1993, Freiburg, Germany

The Jackson Pollock Bar is a performance business for theory installations founded in 1993. The playback performances on aesthetic discourse of fine arts and theater staged by Christian Matthiessen treat the themes of systems theory in particular. The actors are Martin Horn and Peter Cieslinski, Anna Wouters and Gotthard Lange. Regular cooperations with the British Concept Art group Art & Language have been taking place since 1995; the Jackson Pollock Bar has been located at the Freiburg Theater since 1996. The works of the Jackson Pollock Bar have been shown, among others, at the Getty Foundation Los Angeles (2004), Schauspielhaus Zürich (2003), Lisson Gallery, London (2003), Volksbühne Berlin (2001), ZKM⎥Karlsruhe (2000, 2007), P.S. 1 New York (1999) and at documenta X (1997).