Jens Hedman

Year of birth, place
1962, Norrkoping, Sweden
lives and works in
Role at the ZKM
Guest Artist
Institute / Department
Institute for Music and Acoustics
At the ZKM

    Januar - März 2014


Jens Hedman, who composes both instrumental and electroacoustic music, as well as Eva Sidén, composer and concert pianist, formed the Sidén Hedman Duo founded in 2010. Their work is based on pieces for piano and electronics, as well as on concerts which, as a rule, are constructed as surround sound space with piano, electronics, mechanics and scenography, and which integrate visual elements , text, dance and theater /performance.

The focus of Jens Hedman’s work is placed on the spatial aspects of music. Many of his works focus on space and movement by way of multi-channel audio-technologies.